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Custom sticker printing can't get any easier.

You design it. We print it. Create a custom sticker design without any constraints. Whether it's custom bumper stickers, die cut stickers, decals, label or logo stickers to promote your business, organization or club, we'll print it in full color at any quantity, any size and custom cut to any shape. Scroll down to order. Simply enter your dimensions, quantity and upload your artwork. It's that simple. Your custom stickers are printed in shipped to you in a snap!


Custom Sticker

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Quick Overview

Custom Sticker
Square Inch   +$0.75
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The Details

Ordering your full color custom stickers is really simple. Enter the overall dimensions of your sticker above. Make sure that you're measuring greatest overall width and height of the final cut sticker. That means if your cut line is outside the artwork, then you measure overall width and height of your cut line. If your artwork bleeds beyond your cut line, than be sure to measure the overall width and height of the artwork. Enter width, height and quantity to see an instant price quote. Upload your artwork and add it to the cart. If you have more than one design, simply follow these steps for each custom sticker design you want printed. If you would rather have us design the sticker, click on the "have us design it" button instead of uploading artwork. See the We Design It tab for more information on our design services.

Preferable artwork file types are Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or (.eps) format. We can also accept high resolution (200-300dpi) JPEG (.jpg) files. PDF files that adhere to these specifications are also accepted. Artwork files should be CMYK format and sized to exact dimensions that are being printed. A cut line must be specified in your artwork. Typically, a 100% magenta 1pt stroke cut line on a separate layer from your artwork is the preferred method. If you want your final sticker to have artwork printing all the way to the cut edge (no white border), make sure to add at least a 1/8" bleed beyond your cut line.

All custom stickers are printed on matte 4-mil soft calendared PVC white substrate. The final printed stickers are very durable and suited towards general decal or signage usage for both indoor & outdoor applications. The adhesive on the stickers is suited for just about any type of smooth surface. Surfaces to which the stickers are applied to must be cleaned thoroughly, removing any dust, grease or contaminates. Best adhesion occurs at temperatures above 50oF.

Need some design inspiration? We'll design your sticker for you. Simply click on the "Have us design it" button above when you place your order. When you proceed to the checkout page, you'll see a field underneath your sticker line item where you can enter notes. Please be sure to be as specific as possible with instructions of what you're looking for. We charge a flat fee of $49 for a custom sticker design, which includes 1 initial concept based on the instructions you provide and 1 additional design revision. If you're not satisfied with the design after the 1st revision, then we can continue to do further revisions as requested by you at a standard design rate of $60/hour, billed in 15 minute increments.

We accept payment by major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover) or Paypal. If your order is funded through Paypal with direct transfer / eCheck from your bank account, your funds will not clear for a few days. We will only ship these orders once we have confirmed that the payment has gone through successfully. FREE Standard shipping is included with every order. Standard shipping is United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. You also have the option of FedEx 2-day or FedEx Overnight shipping service at an additional cost which will be calculated during checkout.